Real stories about real people.

I have always had a thing for people. What scares them. What dreams they have. What makes them happy or sad. 

That is why I’m launching a new format called Untold. To simply share stories of people, about all kind of things we experience in life.

Love. Pain. Health. Creativity. Success. Happiness. Loneliness.

Stories that – in my opinion – need to be told to create awareness, recognition and understanding. Everyone has their own story. Their own past, present and future. Untold opens up the dialogue and tells captivating stories to evoke understanding and inspiration.

#1 – Inked

Yannick Martens

In the first episode of Untold I’m having a relaxed conversation with Yannick about his (love for) tattoos. We talk about his most valuable tattoo and he also shares a few interesting background stories of his tattoos.

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What’s your untold story?

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I want to hear your story. What makes you the person that you are? What are your dreams, hopes en beliefs? Feel free to share your story and get in touch!